Real Life Weddings

We are always delighted to receive images after your wedding, please keep them coming so we can add them to our Real Life Wedding section which showcases our lovely Brides, Mums and Bridesmaids wearing Joyce Young designs (sometimes your men get in as well!) . We like to take pictures when you collect your dress from either our Glasgow or London shop but it is so much better to actually see you on your wedding day with hair and makeup done and that very special glow that comes with all the happiness and love that surrounds you on the day.

Very many thanks to everyone who has already sent in pictures. If you haven’t already and you have a few spare minutes please choose your favourites and send them either by WeTransfer or e-mail to or ask your photographer to send some as they will then be promoted on our Social Medias (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest).

Please keep visiting this section to see our latest Real Life Brides and Mums. There’s no better advert for us than our fabulous clients.

If you would like to Book an Appointment with us we would love to help your start your journey to becoming a Joyce Young Bride or Mother!