Joyce’s Tips for Brides

Joyce Young Vintage inspired Princess Grace dress

In our newsletters we will give you some tips and advice to consider when shopping for your wedding dress.


  • Do some research on the  type of dress you are looking for and make appointments at shops which stock these styles as this will help you to focus.


  • When going to appointments to try on wedding dresses make sure that your make up and hair are done nicely and that you feel good about yourself.


  • Wear nice underwear so that you are in the right frame of mind to look at yourself in the mirror.


  • Don’t cram in lots of appointments on the one day. You will get confused and tired and won’t be able to make informed decisions.


  • Take your Mum or your best friend don’t take lots of people with you. Too many opinions will only confuse you.


  • Make your own decisions first then if you feel it’s absolutely necessary ,involve other people but not till you have given yourself time to think. It’s your day and you shouldn’t be influenced by other people’s ideas for you.


  • If you do take family and friends make sure they don’t speak and offer opinions until after you have said what you feel about the dress you are trying on.


  • Be open to suggestions at your appointment take advice from the sales person as they will know there collection and  will usually  select the dresses which will suit you.


  • When trying dresses on as well as suiting you think about the photographs and the type of venue e.g. A very long train suits a cathedral setting  and soft, floaty dress would be suitable for a wedding on a beach


  • Enjoy the experience. It’s such a happy time make sure you don’t turn it into a pressure. All dresses look better worn with a smile