Islay Mist tartan family

March 10th, 2020

Joyce Young MacGregor and MacDuff at Cloncaird Castle

Here they are the images that we are so excited about . Our collaboration with MacGregor and MacDuff and Cloncaird Castle brought to life by incredible photographer John Paul from Inverness . We were invited to take our collections and models to an open day ,The Best of Ayrshire, at Cloncaird Castle in Kirkmichael an […]

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Image of Cloncaird House Hidden gem

March 9th, 2020

Hidden Gem Scottish Castle in Ayrshire

We were excited last week to be invited to take our collections to hidden gem Cloncaird Castle in Kirkmichael in the Robert Burns county of Ayrshire. Cloncaird Estate is privately owned and the family live in the castle. A stunning Atrium has recently been added which will host approximately 12 luxury events per annum accomodating […]

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