Dear ladies, being the mother of the bride or the groom, are you wondering how to accommodate new fashion trends for moms into your wedding outfit while staying true to your own style and comfort? We know, it can be a hassle, but it does not need to be.

This is why Joyce Young offers you the assistance and support of a highly skilled and dedicated team of experts to bring your dream dress to life and turn you into the epitome of elegance on your daughter/son’s wedding day.  Our bespoke service for mothers is designed to be a most fulfilling experience.

Mother of the bride dress trends for 2015 promise to challenge a number of old (mis)conceptions about what presence mothers can best bring to the big day. We look at five major trends and you can see where your own ideas of the best wedding wear fit. One thing is for sure: Without outshining the bride, mothers are here to make a statement.


Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015
Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015



Suits might have been considered the go-to choice for mothers for many years now assuring a strictly formal, reserved and modest affair. However, many ladies nowadays are venturing into the far more glamorous version of the classic evening gown with varying lengths from knee-length to floor-length.

Trendsetting designs feature a simple silhouette empowered by elaborate embroidery, intricate patterns and extra texture or any signature adornments such as oversized jewels etc. Dresses are often tastefully complemented by a piece you can cover your shoulders with when you are entering a chapel or taking one thousand and one photos outside in unfavourable weather. It does not need to be a classic bolero jacket, removable arm-covering options include stylish shrugs, ethereal shawls and edgy coats. Different sleeve lengths offer a practical advantage as well as the courtesy of a modest look befitting the venue. Therefore, even if you choose to bare your shoulders, you can easily change the look in one instant.

We invite you to browse through our extended JOYCE YOUNG By Storm Mother-of-the-Bride Collection inspired by and created specifically for mothers who want, above all, uncompromising elegance. From sophisticated suits to the finest dresses, you are sure to find a dream look.

Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015
Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015



Lace has a classic appeal and works beautifully for mothers as it embraces and adores all shapes and sizes. We find that a lot of mothers prefer to cover the tops of their arms and lace does that in a wonderful and fashionable way. Here, at Joyce Young, your pattern is made for your shape from the very start rather than being altered to fit as it would be in a retail shop.

Lace overlays have become the muse of dress designers for 2015 collections and you can spot them incorporated into the looks of many celebrities at the same red carpet events. Lace overlays and sand washed silk are a great example of a fabric combination to create a flattering shape and look. Moreover, the currently en vogue illusion sleeves and neckline have only lace to thank for their unparalleled appeal.

At present, we have a wide range of laces and 20 colours of sandwashed silk. Get in touch with us for more details and options.



Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015
Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015

Champagne used to be the dress colour for all seasons, looking good against a white or ivory wedding dress. Pastels in spring, darker hues in autumn.

This year, mothers can choose from a much wider spectrum of colours: bold jewel hues, rich earth tones, passionate colours and more. In fact, more saturated tones are preferred as they liven up aging skin tones and bring out more of your personality. Navy blue and emerald green are two colours exactly on the border of classic and modern and can look good on mostly anyone. Especially navy blue which also has this subtle slenderizing effect. Moreover, light pastels and creams can look a bit flat against silver hairs, whereas more alive tones such as ruby, fuchsia, sapphire add a wonderful contrast.

Check out some of our favourite colours for this season such as claret, turquoise, fuchsia and of course, the milder ones, such as the lovely blush and duck egg.



Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015
Joyce Young Mother of the Bride Design 2015

There is no one standard silhouette for mothers anymore. Silhouettes vary as individuality does, so whether it is long and elegant or short and elegant, elegance is for sure. At Joyce Young, we want to make sure you receive the best, most flattering dress design for your figure.

JY Tip: Take some time to pick your underwear. Its main tasks are to fit your body perfectly, match well with the design of the outfit and make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t underestimate the power of the right underwear, especially on important occasions.



You are as young as your heart feels and this is the radiance you bring with you. The outfit comes second. Don’t feel under pressure to fit a stereotype. Be confident to embrace your youthful spirit as well as your maturity. We actually see more and more ‘hot mamas’: mothers of the bride/groom who want to have a bit of fun with their participation in the big day, turn to nutritionists and stylists to look and feel good on the occasion and even flaunt a bit of extravagance. What do you think of it? Are you catching the 2015 trends too?




Elegance is both the journey and the destination.


Our bespoke designs are made to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Just right.


Relish in a selection of amazing designs which can be personalised to perfection. Whatever the style, silhouette, fabric etc, let your outfit speak of the true you, let it be the best reflection of you possible.




Team JY

Wear it with a smile! 🙂


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