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Be the bride you’ve always imagined, become a couture bride with Joyce Young. Walk down the aisle in a wedding dress crafted from the world’s finest silks and laces, with intricate details such as hand beadwork. Our couture wedding dresses are made to your exact measurements, flattering your unique body shape. These designs are completely customisable and made bespoke just for you. Prices start from £4,000.

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I had the most amazing experience at the Hampstead shop. From the first appointment to the final one the staff were so lovely. Nothing was too much trouble and I was very confident that the end result would be just what I wanted. And it certainly was! I felt amazing , confident and excited to to wear my outfit. I had lots of compliments from family and guests and I really enjoyed wearing the outfit which made the wedding even more amazing. Thank you so much to you all and I must mention Colin the tailor who was just wonderful. Looking forward to my other son’s wedding next year and I have no hesitation whatsoever to go back for another stunning outfit!
Jenny Hyde

What you need to know about ordering a Couture Wedding Dress.

Questions answered personally by Joyce Young:

Q. What should brides know before they approach you for a bespoke gown? How should they prepare?

A.  There are very many beautiful wedding dresses to choose from but some brides prefer to have a dress individually designed and made for them. This may be because she hasn’t seen a dress with all the elements that she is looking for, or because she has always had an idea of how she will look on her wedding day and can’t find THE dress, or simply because she wants to be totally unique on her wedding day. It isn’t the least expensive option and it is an idea to discuss budget before starting the process. It also isn’t a way to get a very expensive dress copied for less. We won’t copy other designers dresses we have plenty of ideas of our own ! We have lots of dresses to try on for style so we can always mock up the shape of the dress to give the bride an idea of how she will look so she isn’t just ordering from a sketch.

Q. What happens at the initial consultation? And thereafter?

A. Initially we will have an informal chat about the wedding in general, the venue and the feel for the day that the bride has in mind. Then we will discuss her vision on how she will look and colour schemes. Some brides know exactly what they want and others are looking for guidance and help. We will try on dresses for best shapes to see what designs suit best and are most flattering. Finally draw up some sketches and look at fabrics. Once the final design has been agreed it has to be costed this may be able to be done at the time or it may take longer and the bride contacted within a few days. When the price is agreed a 50% deposit is required for the work to be started and the balance is due on collection. The couture gown will be made over approx. 4 fittings the first one being a toile (mock up) before the silk is cut.

Q. How long does the process take? When should brides book their first meeting with you?

A. Ideally a year ahead is a good time to start looking for your wedding dress. The time of year is the same and the light and weather will be similar so it’s easier to envisage what your wedding will be like. However not every bride has a year to get organised and the beauty of having our own production unit and highly experienced team is that we have great flexibility and can accommodate late orders.

Q. How do you translate a bride’s vision for her gown? Or, if she isn’t sure about what she wants, how would you help her to realise her ideas or encourage her to consider options she might not have thought of? How much input should you have in terms of design?

A. As mentioned earlier we have hundreds of wedding dress styles to try on with us its not just a case of sketching up a design which can be a bit of a leap of faith for a bride. We will mock up her own style from all our samples and then sketch out her unique design and bring rolls of fabric to look at. The bride may have a vision that we can interpret or we can suggest what we think will be the best style and fabric for her. It is a partnership between bride and designer. The bride must be able to trust the designer and choosing one with many years of experience in designing wedding dresses takes away any stress.

Q. What inspires you? Your favourite designer ?

A. I’m inspired by fabrics. I look through lots of collections of luxury fabrics and the occasional one ‘sings out’ to me and I can usually envisage exactly what I will create with it. I have always admired the simplicity and elegance of Armani Haute Couture.

Q. What is the most challenging aspect of designing a bespoke gown?

A. The most rewarding aspect is when the bride sees her dress in silk for the first time and sees the sketch come to life. Until then she is in the designer’s hands putting her faith in the designer’s vision.

Q. What’s most important to consider with a bespoke gown?

A. Having the imagination to visualise the finished gown and being able to trust the designer and her team to deliver her dream gown.

Q. Describe the amount of work that goes into a gown. What kind of techniques do you use in the process?

A. At least six very experience people will be involved in the process. Firstly the designer, the sketch will be passed to admin and fabrics ordered and production dates organised and beading or embroidery planned.
The design will then go to the pattern cutter who will make the pattern from the sketch. The toile will then be cut by the cutter who will pass it on to the machinist to sew. The fitter will fit the garment under the supervision of the designer who oversees all processes. We have all these skills in-house.

Q. Have you noticed any trends emerging while designing gowns in the past year?

A. Less all over lace and more simple styles in plain but glowing fabrics. Off the shoulder and separate armlets and puffs on the top of the arms. Square necks and straight front strapless. There is so much choice it’s mainly a decision of what suits the bride and how she wants to look on the day. Anything goes from Boho, Classic, Retro, Vintage, Contemporary and Glamour. It’s all about individuality.

Now is a good time to start looking. Our friendly and very experienced stylists will put you at ease. We look forward to hearing from you to help create your dream Couture wedding dress.

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