Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North,

The birth-place of Valour, the country of Worth;

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,

The Hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

My Heart’s In The Highlands

Robert Burns, 1789


With 25th of January approaching, it becomes impossible to elude that nostalgic and romantic old Celtic soul feeling which takes over us particularly on such occasions as Rabbie Burns’s birthday. In 2015, we celebrate his 256th birthday not only with the usual hearty cuisine and speeches at Burns Supper, bagpipes and the traditional Scottish garb. More than ever, we want to embrace our Scottish heritage and awaken its tartan spirit through inspired creations and reinventions. Whether it is in art, or in couture design. Joyce Young’s love of her native lands has brought to life beautiful and sophisticated collections such as Tartan Spirit by Joyce Young blending those unforgettable Scottish landscapes into stunning designer pieces for any occasion. Her Tartan Spirit Couture Wedding Collection offers the ultimate tartan experience for your big day – from wedding dresses made with her own unique tartan to the elegant marriage of traditional patterns and dreamy new designs.

Mirren Wedding Dress by Joyce Young
Mirren Wedding Dress by Joyce Young



Today, the patterns, colours and fabrics of traditional tartan stand for Scotland more than its white blue flag, symbolising the spirit of the legendary mystical lands, their tempestuous history and natural beauty. Those interlocking stripes running up and down in the warp and weft in the cloth have a long history within the Highlands lore…

Originally, for many centuries tartan patterns were associated with the weavers of particular areas rather than with a territory or a clan. Scots could wear as wide of a range of tartans as they wished and could afford. Believe it or not, the clan identification with certain tartans and the so called ‘tartan etiquette’ are more of a recent cultural occurrence rather than a case of the unearthed origins of an ancient tartan classification.

Heritage Wedding Dress by Joyce Young
Heritage Wedding Dress by Joyce Young

Tartan became extremely popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly in the Highlands, and has, since then, become symbolic of the Scottish Highland culture. Commercial weavers in the 18th century established a wide variety of standard tartan patterns for mass production and at some point, started naming rather than assigning numbers to the tartans. It was Highland clans’ names, town names, anything to their taste. From the early 19th century on, clans would gradually adopt a tartan of their own which would eventually lead to the ‘clan tartan’ system. Imagine, many chiefs would actually need to do research on tartans, ask their elders and make that faithful decision of picking a representative tartan!




5 Reasons to Wear a Scottish Tartan Wedding Gown


The Handfasting Ceremony Courtesy:
The Handfasting Ceremony

Joyce Young is passionate about her native land and has grown up surrounded by the soft muted colours of the landscape. Honouring your Scottish heritage can permeate into every wee detail of your wedding – from a tartan wedding dress matching the groom’s kilt to table décor and heart-warming wedding favours inspired by the Highlands. You can also incorporate sweet Celtic rituals into the ceremony such as handfasting. Handfasting involves the binding of the bride and groom’s hands with a cord or a ribbon (preferably a tartan one), symbolising the binding of their hearts through their vows.


Iona Wedding Dress by Joyce Young
Iona Wedding Dress by Joyce Young


A wedding outfit incorporating tartan in a stylish and subtle way is a promise for a distinctive and extraordinary bridal experience. White may stand for tradition in wedding wear, yet wearing tartan on your big day can be a visually and emotionally uplifting breaking away from the conventional by following the great tradition of the Highland tartan.


Joyce Young’s signature creations are classic shapes in luxurious fabrics with colour and detail giving each garments its very own personality. We use the highest quality silks and combine colour, tartan, texture and design in a completely original way which takes tartan to a new level of sophistication.


Dreaming of a beautifully co-ordinated Scottish themed wedding? Our Tartan Spirit Couture wedding dresses designed to complement the groom’s kilt, dresses for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride/groom outfits are all inspired by the glory and beauty of the Scottish lore and Highlands. We can theme your complete wedding from outfits through to décor.


Whether it is a tartan bodice over a white skirt, a detachable tartan lined train or that delicious subtle tartan trim, creating a subtle spin on the timeless tartan trend blends together heritage and style in a truly elegant way.


Tartan Spirit
Tartan Spirit


Team JY

Wear it with a smile! 🙂

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