Established for already 21 years at the luxury end of the market, JOYCE YOUNG OBE has led many women into that special journey of creating an only-hers-and-always-beautiful outfit for the big day of their daughter/son and falling in love with that creation each time it’s being worn. The story of each outfit be it a suit or a dress starts with a woman and her wish of attending a celebration. This is why made to measure designs bring such joy to ladies and are a worthy investment: because they are specifically made to honour the unique beauty of every woman, to highlight her strengths and make her feel safe and attractive at every hem and curve. What Joyce Young specialises in and does impeccably are unique, elegant outfits for Brides and Mothers and all Special Occasions recognisable for her use of luxurious fabrics and subtle detailing. You can see Joyce’s designs at all the most stylish weddings and her fine work has earned her company numerous awards for exquisite design and service.



WHY Made To Measure?


First of all, there is nothing like an outfit that is created for you, explicitly for you, fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable and confident in your beauty and femininity. When delivered with professionalism, care and attention to detail, it brings you on a sweet journey which you can relive every time you put on that outfit. Wedding are joyous, demanding events pregnant with so many emotions and even tension, with resources gathered at one place, focused in one day – you definitely need that fairy godmother and all the ease with which she manages to create a regal look and feeling.



Furthermore, there are so many practical aspects to choosing a made to measure outfit. Most ladies are not standard sizes and buying an off the peg outfit from a retailer and having it altered is always a compromise. An outfit made specifically to your proportions feels and looks very differently compared to one that has been altered. The off the peg garment will have been made for a standard height so if you are smaller or taller it won’t fit from back neck to waist.


The feedback we receive from customers is also a guideline: they share that they feel fantastic because they know they look amazing and also don’t worry that someone else would be wearing the same outfit. Joyce’s philosophy is particularly strongly embedded in her work: creating simple elegant designs well cut in luxurious fabrics, classic with a twist that don’t date. They might be a little more expensive than an off the peg garment, yet they can be worn again and again as they don’t look like ‘typical’ mother of the bride outfits. Take away the hat and our designs can be worn to dinners, cruises and other special occasions. It’s that feeling of empowerment in a beautiful individually made garment which you can transfer into the next occasion.






Once you have decided to have a bespoke outfit it is best to START EARLY. The wedding industry is very seasonal with Spring and Summer being peak periods and therefore we are exceedingly busy at this time.


Most mothers are trying to lose weight and want to put off the whole process of looking for a dress/suit until they have reached their target. This put a lot of pressure on them because if they leave looking till near the wedding, they risk getting disappointed with what they find in retail shops. The endeavour to get into a different shape and keep fit can be peacefully incorporated into the bespoke process without compromising the availability of fabrics, your confidence in a desired look as well as our time, effort and focus on you which you deserve.


How it works: Fabric and production time can be booked in advance and a later date for measurements can usually be accommodated then at least you know everything is organised whether or not you reach your target weight. It is always a relief to have your outfit decided on and the longer you can envisage how you will look on the day the more relaxed you will find the run up to the wedding.



Our Made To Measure PROCESS is AS FOLLOWS:


1.First VISIT to the shop (currently London & Glasgow). All the designs that we show on our website you can find in our boutiques and try on. While not all sizes might be available at a particular time, we can usually give you a good idea of how the design will look. Having your outfit individually made for you means that we can incorporate changes to the design if necessary.

If you are ready with your choice on this day, your measurements will be taken straight away or a date in the future arranged. Fabric and production time is secured on a payment of a 50% deposit.


2.At the FIRST FITTING the outfit is made in a cotton toile (mock up) and pinned to make sure you are happy with the fit and depth of necklines etc.


3.At the SECOND FITTING your outfit is cut in your actual fabric without zip or hems and final adjustments are made.


4.Usually you collect on the THIRD FITTING when hat and accessories are also ready and this is when the balance of the payment is due.

We don’t like to quote timescales as some people don’t have 6 months left before the wedding.

We always try to accommodate latecomers but sometimes it just may not be possible as production is limited and our exclusive fabrics and laces can take a while to come in.

Therefore, we advise to come as soon as you can.


Our shops are located in accessible areas in the biggest cities in the UK. A large percent of our Mums travel long distances in the UK and many come from overseas to our shops in London and Glasgow as our designs are distinctively unique and elegant and we are recognised for our customer service. Distance is a tiny discomfort to accommodate in order to bring that special look and feel to your daughter or son’s wedding day.


Mostly, the glory of your outfit won’t die away with the end of that one fairy tale. It will continue to be a precious part of your wardrobe and bring timeless elegance to every new occasion.


Elegance never dates.


Team JY

Wear it with a smile! 🙂

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