The mother of the bride is a celebrity in her own right. As often the case, she has neither won nor has been nominated for an Oscar, a Pulitzer or a Nobel Prize, she might know ‘a red carpet’ only as an expression, but we know, every mother is saving the world in her own way. So this is why a carefully designed and worn-with-love-and-pride outfit for the big day of her child, even though not equal to the wedding dress as symbolic significance, deserves our attention and professionalism.

Joyce Young OBE is well known for her fine aesthetic, unswerving dedication to elegance and ‘mission accomplished’ professional ethic when it comes to delivery. Becoming a part of that beautiful journey of a bride, her family and friends is always new and endearing, so being guided by that aesthetic pays off in a heartfelt experience.

When you choose a dress from one of our designer collections or opt for a bespoke outfit for the big day, you know what to expect from Joyce: elegance, sophistication, flattering silhouettes, beautiful fabrics, fine detailing and perfect finish. There is nothing more rewarding for us and for you to find that ideal place in an outfit which makes you feel safe, flattering, comfortable, beautiful, which celebrates your femininity in the best way possible.

Let’s take a look at three gorgeous ladies for whom age is just another way to embrace their charm, femininity and inner spark. Drawing inspiration from the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards which took place a few days ago (Feb 8th) in London, sometimes it takes a star-studded event like that to make you turn inward and welcome your own personal style and aesthetic.



Patricia Arquette at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty
Patricia Arquette at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty

The Hollywood actress picked up a BAFTA for Supporting Actress for her role in Richard Linklater’s drama Boyhood in a gorgeous maroon floor-length custom gown from Pamella Roland’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection. The long sheath dress silhouette is both simple and flattering while the slit three-quarter sleeves beautifully play with covering and revealing the arms. Her choice lies with a strong warm ripe colour which grounds the look even more. Clutch-bracelet-earrings seem to be the magic formula for the red carpet these days: clutch as tiny, luxurious and quirky as possible, wide cuff bracelets and long, heavy crystal earrings framing the face. Patricia delivers a fresh rosy look with emphasis on the eyes: dark mascara around her light eyes stands beautifully with the deep red hue of the dress. Mostly, we love the 70s inspired hairstyle, deliciously quaffed, part messy part daring, but still terribly stylish!

The actress also had a lot to say about the ethic in the film industry regarding women and age: ‘Men don’t want to be cast with women who are their real age. I find it funny – sometimes you’ll have Harrison Ford in a movie and the woman opposite him isn’t a few years younger, she’ll be 20 years younger. And that’s the ridiculous thing. We need to call bullshit on that.

I’m really loving getting older.’


Kristin Scott Thomas at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty
Kristin Scott Thomas at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty

This woman has a wonderful smile, few people can do black and do it well with a heartwarming smile. Well, she is one of them. If you’re dreaming of Hollywood glamour, Kristin Scott Thomas can be taken as a real role model. She attended this year’s BAFTA Awards ceremony in a show-stopping 1948 Balmain Couture gown from William Vintage. While mothers of the bride/groom generally opt for a different colour hue within the spectrum (no black and white), the mystery of why black can be so breathtaking should be no mystery at all. It’s fantastically suited to Kristin’s skin tone and brings forward a stylish presence: while her arms and legs are being fully covered in non-see-through couture, a sharp bold V-shaped neckline adds a touch of sophistication. A wonderful balance between a modest yet classic and confident look. A red-trimmed clutch and big diamond earrings by the Swiss jewellery house Adler comprise her accessory choice for the night. Her short hair is stylishly coiffed with a side parting and a bit of volume on top. Voilá! Simple can deliver such great elegance.



Julie Walters at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty
Julie Walters at the BAFTAs 2015 Courtesy: Getty

Julie Walters is truly a star – shining from the inside out and shining in a dazzling couture creation! The only reason why we would ever quote a lady’s age would be to admire her glowing spirit and even then we wouldn’t. Because obviously it’s not that big of a deal anyway! Style is truly ageless and Julie just confirmed it one more time for us. She attended the BAFTAs in a stunning silver sequined gown by Adrianna Papell complemented with a sheer black wrap over her shoulders, silver court shoes, glimmering bracelets and cascading diamond statement earrings. The shimmer is endless, a sartorial whim which might be too much for a wedding but when coupled with a simple silhouette, it seems just right! Her ash locks styled into lively short spikes gives a wonderful way to individuality.


What do you think, ladies? Do you have a favourite look already?



Team JY

Wear it with a smile! 🙂

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