“I’m Mother of the Bride/Groom but I don’t want to look like a typical Mother of the Bride/Groom”

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The first thing most of our Mothers of the Bride and Groom say to us is that they dont want to look like a typical Mother of the Bride and Groom. They have looked round and discarded the idea of wearing a patterned fitted dress and short jacket which seems to be a uniform in many shops.

As a past mother of the bride herself Joyce is in the best position to design for ladies in her age group who still feel young and fashionable although don’t perhaps have the body that they left behind after family and career  took priority over self, resulting in a few more pounds around the midriff  and the age old problem of the upper arms which seem to let us down whatever dress size we wear! At Joyce Young Design studios we understand! Most of our Mothers are desperately trying to loose weight for the Big Day and very often leave it uncomfortably close to the wedding before even starting to go out to look for THE outfit.

In a retail shop you will have to buy the outfit off the rack when you see it in case someone else comes along and buys it. You are pressured into making the decision through fear of loss. At Joyce Young Design Studios you can choose your outfit well before the wedding and come back and have measurements taken nearer to your date. The main thing is that you place the order so that the fabric and production space can be booked and then you can go away to enjoy meal replacements and personal trainers and the joys of transformation  and come back at a specified date for the all important  measurements to be taken. Your outfit will be made to measure over 3 fittings , firstly a cotton toile (mock up) second in fabric with fastenings and hem not finished and usually collect on the 3rd fitting. Of course some people are not dieting and they can go ahead straight away with measurements and fittings. What we are saying is that we are very flexible.

Here are a few of the new outfits that were shown at the Scottish Wedding Show. Catwalk photos by Alan Peebles

Look forward to seeing you x



Made to measure elegant special occasion outfit
Elegant and trendy wool crepe coat tulip shape with deep pockets

Glamourous and elegant 2 piece beaded lace dress and top


Bespoke dress in a choice of fabrics


Pant suit outfit


Flaoty coat over bias cut dress wth bardot neckline


Outfit suitable for older bride also available in colours for mother of the bride /groom


Simple Elegant dress in satin and lace



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Body Measurement Size Chart

Product Measurements

How to Measure

1. Bust
Measure around your back and the fullest part of your bust

2. Waist
Measure the slimmest part below your ribs and above your navel

3. Hips
Measure around the fullest part of your hips

4. Height
Get someone to help you with this and measure from head to toe