Coronavirus temporary closures


Dear Past , Current and Future Joyce Young Brides and Mothers and Friends

You may be one of our loved and valued clients whose wedding has already taken place, in which case we hope you had an amazing time and loved wearing your outfit and we hope to welcome you back again in the future.

For all our cherished Brides and Mums who are currently having a dress or outfit made please read all the information below.

If your wedding is in the future we very much look forward to welcoming you to one of our showrooms when everything gets back to the “new normal”. In the meantime Joyce is making appointments for Skype meetings where you can discuss your ideas for your wedding dress or outfit . To make an appointment online with Joyce please e mail .

Follow use on Facebook and Instagram for lots of wedding advice and tips. We’ll use this time to impart our invaluable knowledge gained over 27 years dressing stunning Brides and Mums. None of us can ignore the severity of what is happening around us but we can use the time to plan for happier times . Please connect with us and we can go forward together.
It is with heavy heart that we bring the news that both our Glasgow and London showrooms are temporarily closing today.
Our main concern is to keep our staff and clients healthy and protect them from this vicious virus.

For all our lovely clients who have ordered their wedding outfits already, which are all at various stages of completion, please be assured we are still working with a reduced workforce in our production unit in Glasgow on your outfits. Most weddings for Spring and early Summer have been postponed and therefore fitting dates are now changing, some into next year. We are currently working in new date order priority. If we haven’t already contacted you please e mail us to discuss changes of dates and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements. Mary and Florence are online to answer your e mails and discuss any queries you will have.

We are going through a very stormy sea all together in the same boat. When we reach calm , and we will, there will be cause to celebrate. On a positive note weddings are being postponed and not cancelled.

Our team at Joyce Young are like a family all of us dedicated to our clients and incredibly supportive of each other.

Please take the very best care of yourself and your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you hopefully in the not too distant future .

With lots of love

Joyce and all the team

This message has been written and re written over the past week. It is finally going out following the latest Government information on Monday 23rd March.