The wonderful world of make believe

the wonderful world of make believe

Personal Blog inspired by the make believe world of children and their Our Generation Dolls .

It has been 6 months since I have seen my two granddaughters Sophie and Chloe. They live in the Wirrel and due to Covid 19 we haven’t been able to see them. This week it was a wonderful treat when they came to stay after such a long separation.

Sophie is now seven and old enough to be interested in making doll’s clothes and was excited at the idea of spending the day at Nana’s shop and factory to design and make dresses for her new Our Generation dolls.

It took me back to my own childhood when I started making outfits for my dolls at seven years old. I would spend my pocket money in the local remnant shop and always wanted the fabric that was at the bottom of the pile much to the annoyance of the lady who owned the shop. From making dolls clothes I progressed onto making dresses for myself at 13. My love of colour,texture and fabrics continued. I went to Art College and studied interior design and embroidery and weaving and graduated in 1975.

My first job was as a designer for a manufacturer for M&S, after a year I set up a company with another designer and we called ourselves Sequin. We specialised in hand painting and applique on special occasion outfits and sold to shops al over the country including Dickins and Jones in London and Daly’s in Glasgow.  Wendy Richards bought one of our suits for her wedding in 1980.

Pam and I decided to give up the business to concentrate on bringing up our children . I went back to designing for M&S for a few years before starting By Storm in 1993. Twenty seven years later I am making dolls clothes for my granddaughters this time the fabric comes from our own fabric shop. It is such a joy to go back to the world of innocence and make believe.


Fun Day at Nana's shop




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