Mother of the Groom collects her Couture Dress

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Meet Eleanor, a mother of the groom who came over from Northern Ireland to choose a dress from Joyce Young to wear to her son’s wedding. She chose a style that Joyce wore to the opening of the Glasgow Showroom and decided on this luxurious burgundy silk taffeta and metallic antique gold lace which matched the wedding colour scheme perfectly.

Eleanor travelled over for 2 fittings and her collection when we took lots of pictures. As you can see she was over the moon with her final dress and bespoke hat.

She said some lovely things which we will always remember.

I have two things on my bucket list. One is to get a dress from Joyce Young and the other is to travel on the Orient Express. Now I have the perfect dress to wear on the Orient Express I can book my trip!

On defining how she feels about her dress and the experience she had with us on the run up to the wedding Eleanor said …….

On the day everyone will see a beautiful dress but to me it’s so much more than just a stunning dress. It is the whole experience from the first visit to choose the style to the fittings and collection and the pleasure of having the dress made especially for me and the fun and laughter that will always be part of this dress when I wear it. It’s so much more for me than just a beautiful dress.

Thank you Eleanor for summing up that special feeling so beautifully, we loved your visits too.

Our clients travel long distances to have a special outfit made for the most special of occasions mainly for a son or daughters wedding when they are going to be Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom and also for Investitures, Special Birthdays and Anniversaries and Bar and batmitzvah’s. Really any occasion that requires an extra special outfit. However, don’t worry if you can’t travel to come into one of our showrooms, we do offer an international experience where you can order from oversees.

We love to see the extra confidence that having a dress or outfit made individually for you brings which is so important on such an important day. Every girl just wants to put her dress on know she looks fabulous and step out and enjoy the compliments. 😊


If you’re interested in getting an outfit made please send us an enquiry or book your appointment.


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