Don’t Rain on Our Parade!

Our London shop is situated in Steele’s Village in NW3.

The business community planned to put on the Street Party of the Century for the Coronation of King Charles on 6th May. Our part was to put on a fashion show with 5 gorgeous models showcasing a selection of our designs . We were lucky to be allowed to use the empty shop window next door where we put up a display of the King and Queen with suspended crowns and a backdrop of Buckingham Palace.

The scene was set for a glorious celebration party with bouncy castle, face painting,a clown and gymnastics for the children and fashion show, opera singer, gospel choir and bands  and so much more for the adults with all the local restaurants and bars providing delicious free food and drinks.

2 marquees had been booked in case it rained.

The day came and it rained , and it rained and then it poured !

The marquees didn’t turn up (they got the date wrong !)

An enourmous van with television screens blocked off Steeles Road and broadcast the full Coronation to a handful of people who braved the rain.

The party was to start at 2pm. At 1.30pm everything was moved into the Sir Richard Steele’s Pub. All the businesses pulled together. The community spirit was electric. It turned out to be the best party atmosphere and despite having to walk a block in the rain our models danced and laughed as they maneuvered through the crowds in their finery.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, don’t worry! We’ve got the Royal run down below.


Bagpiper and models dressed in tartan outside shop
bespoke mother of the bride couture

Picture Perfect Models

Our five beautiful models came in for fittings before the big day and had fun trying on all the different styles in our London showroom. From mother of the bride and couture to Casual Chic day dresses, there is nothing these girls didn’t suit.

Our models strutted up and down the sunny streets of London practicing for the outdoor fashion show. The energy was high as they twirled and posed for our camera, it was clear that the upcoming fashion show was going to be one to remember.

mother of the bride or groom flattering fit tea length dress

The London Window Display

In true Joyce Young fashion, we created a themed window display to honour the event and showcase outfits fit for a King and Queen!

Our central model is wearing our 30th anniversary wedding gown, inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco .

A large scale drawing of Buckingham Palace is the backdrop to our King who wears MacGregor & MacDuff’s new Harris Mist tartan and our Queen who we dressed in our nineteen ninties embroidered silk coat which bears a similarity to her actual wedding coat. The watching “crowd” were dressed in Casual Chic and Signature.


Coronation Day

On the morning of the Coronation, the weather wasn’t on our side. It was raining heavily and it looked like the party was going to be a washout.

However, we were determined to keep the celebrations going – rain or shine!

tartan mother of the bride dresses

Dancing through the Storm

Our professional models didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits and the hastily procured matching umbrellas saved them from getting too wet . They danced and laughed through the rain and even participated in an impromptu photoshoot which was nothing short of spectacular.

Nick the piper heralded the girls up the road and through the pub to the haunting strains of the most popular Scottish anthems.

These stunning photos are a testament to the fact that sometimes, the unexpected can lead to the most magical moments.

Mother of the Bride Couture Rainy Wedding Umbrella

The Show Must Go On

The whole event was in danger of being cancelled due to the rain but thanks to the quick thinking and generosity of Steve of the Sir Richard Steele’s Pub, the show went on!

The local residents enjoyed a delicious spead of food from the local restaurants while listening to the opera singer and gospel choir and watching the fashion show as the models mingled among the crowd. Our superstar models strutted their stuff through the bustling pub as if it was their regular runway and put on a show never to be forgotten show.


It was great to see everyone come together and enjoy the day as a community.

We can’t thank Sir Richard Steele’s Pub enough for coming to our rescue and making the Street Party a day to remember!

We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the vibrant business community of Steele’s Village. The Coronation Street Party was a fantastic way to celebrate and create memories that we’ll cherish forever. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people and are already planning our next event.

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