It’s the old adage ‘ if it looks too good to be true it’s more than likely it is too good to be true. 

The web is full of crooks looking to make a fast buck from your vulnerability. When you see a new company that you don’t recognise always check reviews on Google before parting with your money. 

My mission is to spread the word about how these scam sites operate and what to look out for .

 The reason for my project ?  Our new designs have been stolen from our website. Images and videos are now being promoted on social media sponsored adverts being offered at ridiculously low prices.

This goes on all the time and we see our images stolen from our website on Chinese (but they look like genuine UK) sites . Obviously I know it’s a scam and anyone who falls for it will get an inferior copy or nothing at all. Our dresses are exclusive, made to order in Glasgow in our own production unit.  We have all the design, development and photography costs and manufacture in Scotland, not overseas.  Along comes a Chinese parasite and copies and pastes and offers our designs to the world for peanuts . There is very little that can be done about this as the owners of the sites can’t be traced.

The current thorn in my flesh is called Rosyday and the reviews online speak for themselves . Everything is fake. They even have used a dissolved UK company’s information to pass off as being registered in the UK . On their website they say they are registered in the UK but when you look at the registration is belongs to a Polish woman whose business closed in 2019. Here is how they work 

Always be suspicious of websites that cut off the heads of the models ! Because the images are stolen from other designers’ websites all the backgrounds are different, all the models are different and there is no continuity of style or design. There is no style handwriting , no collections just a lot of pictures of very different designs. This should make you curious to look at the Trustpilot and Google reviews .

They are the lowest of the low. They will collect your credit card details when you order and can sell them on or use them themselves .

Check them out on Trustpilot .

You can’t return anything and they offer 50% refund instead of posting back to China but you are unlikely ever to get it !

The annoying (or encouraging) thing is that so many people love the dresses. Rosyday obviously has a big budget to spend on marketing. 

Our original dresses carry their price tag because they are exclusive to us, we don’t sell to anyone else, therefore not many are made . They are designed and made in Scotland (not cheap Far East labour) made from superior quality fabric. They are made to order individually in a choice of 6 colours. They are labour intensive cut and made one by one so have the flexibility to accommodate slight changes. All this comes at a price but our loyal clients who “get it” understand that they are joining an exclusive luxurious club where they can look and feel amazing knowing that they are unlikely to bump into another few the same. Most of our clients who have bought one dress come back very quickly for another. One lady has nine of the same style in different colours.

That is one of the differences between buying on the High Street or buying from us. 

Clothes that we buy from M&S, to take an example, are mass produced. The more and the faster they can me manufactured means the price can be kept commercial. You will buy at a good price you know that there are thousands and thousands of people wearing them. You won’t have the choice of colours and you can’t ask for the length to be longer. Giving choice and flexibility comes at a price. How often have you seen a style that you like in a shop but they don’t have the colour you want. And how often do you have a favourite dress that you wish you could repeat season after season in different colours or fabrics ? With us you can.

I used to design for M&S. I know the frustrations of being always pushed to a lower price point. There is economy in scale so fabric producers and the manufacturers are squeezed to give the lowest price in return for large orders lucky to make a penny on a blouse. The designs lose their original shape when the garment goes through the technical fit stages in order that it can fit ‘everyone’. The British manufacturers have mainly gone ( I worked for M&S UK manufacturers in the 1970’s and then at the end of the 1980’s) the clothes are mainly imported now .

I started this business 30 years ago knowing that there are people out there who are prepared to pay for something that is a bit different . I have had the luxury of choosing beautiful fabrics from all over the world to create elegant outfits that are flattering and commercial at the same time . Modern classics that stand the test of time. 

When you buy from us ,yes the price will be a lot higher but the experience starts  from the minute you walk in the door. Our showrooms are elegant and calm and we give you a one to one appointment .We listen to you and we help you find your best most flattering style in your choice of colour. Your chosen style will then be made individually for you which involves a pattern cutter, cutter at least one machinist and a fitter.

In High Street stores you fend for yourself , you’ll be lucky if you can find a member of staff who will help you. You may not find  what you are looking for as there are so many styles designed with young bodies in mind.

Our Casual Chic daywear collection is specifically designed for ladies who may not have the waistlines and tummies of their youth but still want to be elegant and contemporary. All the styles are cut to skirt over the pesky areas and flatter your shape.

Therefore how devastating is it when all this vast experience that goes into our collections can just be stolen and copied . We know they won’t be the same cut ,fit or quality but this scam website Rosyday is passing off my designs as their own and there seems little other than shouting out about it that can be done . 

If you stuck with this rant to the end I would be very happy to hear your thoughts and comments. 

Since starting this article we have now discover another two scam websites passing off our designs as there own. We assume they are all run by the same criminals with different names for their website. We have been contacted from France that our video is running on French Facebook adverts and I am receiving lots of messages thanking me for the alerts about this scam. The other 2 sites are and


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