From Sketch to Catwalk

SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles

What sets our outfits apart from the off the peg outfits you can buy from retail shops ? Each and every one of Joyce Young designs starts with choosing a luxurious fabric from some of the top suppliers in the world . The fabric inspires lots of ideas for designs which start tumbling out from the end of a pencil in the form of thumbnail sketches which fill the sketch pad. Finally after much deliberation the favourite ideas are selected. Then the sampling process starts in our own production unit in Glasgow which is in the buiding next to our showroom.

From the original sketch , patterns and toiles are made and fined tuned until the final sample is ready to show. A team of experts are involved in the process firstly Joyce the designer, then the pattern cutter who translates the design onto paper which is then cut in fabric by the experienced cutter. Once the garments are cut they are made up by a team of talented machinists who liase with the designer and pattern cutter to make sure the sample is progressing as envisaged. When the final finishing is complete the outfits are tried on models and any adjustments made before they are shown on the catwalk.

All our designs are individually made to our clients measurements and the same process described above takes place as the dress or outfit is uniquely crafted for each client. From start to finish the process involves up to 7 highly experienced experts in design, sales, administration , pattern cutting, cutting, machining, and fitting not forgetting the milliner if a hat is involved. The made to measure process is time and labour intensive involving highly skilled and talented teams in Glasgow and London.

Clothes have become so devalued mostly manufactured in quantity overseas and available the length and breadth of the country.

Our Collections are designed and manufactured in our own production unit in Glasgow and will never compete with high street prices. Our clients appreciate good design , high quality , perfect fit , luxurious fabrics and unparalleled service . They are happy to pay the extra in the knowledge that they have an outfit individually made that they are unlikely to bump into another one exactly the same. As one of our mothers who came over from Ireland summed up her experience  “everyone else sees me in a beautiful dress but to me it’s so much more than just a stunning dress it’s the whole experience of the couture process that I have enjoyed from start to finish. That’s what I feel when I wear the dress –  to me it ‘s so much more than a dress ‘ 

She also said that she had 2 things on her bucket list . One was to go on the Orient Express and the other was to own a Joyce Young dress. Now that she has the dress she can book the trip !  

We have so many stories like this . Our clients are our best adverts and most of our business comes through recommendation.

SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles

If you would like to find out more about our unique service please give us a call in Glasgow or London for an initial chat about how we can help you.

LONDON 020 7224 7888 GLASGOW 0141 942 8900

SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles
SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles
SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles
SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles
SWS 2024 FEB show Photographs by Alan Peebles


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