Made to Order Explained

Understanding the market.

There is a lot of emphasis on Slow Fashion going forward. One way to stop so many garments ending up in landfill and stop millions of unsold garments exchanging hands around the world is to buy more sustainably.

Instead of buying lots of cheap clothes which have a very limited life due to inferior fabrics and cheap labour – so many fabrics look and feel lovely on first wear but quickly pill and go limp so that the garment can’t be worn.

It is said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Therefore 80% of the clothes in our wardrobes never see the light of day. How much easier is it to get dressed when we go on holiday and only take a thought out capsule collection with us?

Our main wardrobe could be like this if we put more thought into it and bought what we know suits us and fits us.

Enter Made to Order. Our made to order Collections are called Casual Chic and Signature. The styles can be tried on in our stores in Glasgow and London or ordered online

The designs have developed over 28 years of fitting mothers whose children are getting married. This unique experience of measuring thousands of ladies over the years brings an awareness of how very different we all are and how most of us gather weight around the middle. The Made to Order collections are all cut to skirt over tummies and give a relaxed but not voluminous look.

As size labels vary so much we are not so interested in what you think your size is we want your measurements ! There are boxes to fill in your Bust , Waist and Hip measurements . This only takes a few minutes and will result in the dress being more likely to fit you. These dresses are NOT made to measure but from your measurements we can work out your nearest size on our size chart (all manufacturers have different size charts and this is why there are so many variations of sizes you may take a 10 in M&S and a 14 in another shop. 

The Signature and Casual Chic Collections are made to your nearest size and may need alteration.
Having your dress Made to Order means you have a much greater choice of colour and there is some flexibility with length. It will take approx 28 days to make depending on time of year . Made to order means we don’t sit with lots of made up stock in the wrongs sizes and colours and you get a dress made for you that no one else has tried on. 

Once you find a style that you love you can order it again in a different colour as we won’t be changing styles every 6 months the same styles can still be ordered. We will keep all the most popular ones and add newness each year. We retain all the patterns so even if your own favourite isn’t the most popular we will still have the pattern.

What is the price difference and why?

The reasons the the Made to Order collections are half the price of Couture are as follows.

  • The fabrics are more limited and are not silk
  • The process is not so labour intensive and therefore takes less time to make as there are no fittings and no adjustments as in made to measure.
  • Less flexibility on style changes only length.

Made to Order prices V High Street

All our designs are made in our own factory in Glasgow.  High Street fashion is mainly made overseas.

We are a small design company. Unlike buying from a major well known label you are less likely to see the same dress you are wearing at an event. 

The fabrics are very high quality.

Our styles are individually cut and made for you.

If you can’t manage to come into either of our showrooms you can always speak to us and send a photograph if necessary. We are a highly experienced team who have your best interests at heart and want you to be happy with your purchase and come back again.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

designer in studio holding i pad showing sketch

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Body Measurement Size Chart

Product Measurements

How to Measure

Size guide

1. Bust
Measure around your back and the fullest part of your bust

2. Waist
Measure the slimmest part below your ribs and above your navel

3. Hips
Measure around the fullest part of your hips

4. Height
Get someone to help you with this and measure from head to toe