Alice and Tom

“I came to Joyce in July 2019 with a very fixed idea of how I wanted my dream dress to look after trawling around several dress shops. I met with Joyce who took me through to a dressing room and created the image I had described before my eyes out of spare pieces she had hanging around – I couldn’t believe how she could create my idea so apparently easily out of nothing. She then talked me through the fabrics, the process, the beading options and drew the design while we spoke. I was really nervous for the next month as we waited for the beading samples to be sent, but I had no need to have been. The final dress (a full skirt made from hammered silk with two tops for day and night) was so much more beautiful than I had envisaged even though I had initially been so certain about how it would look in the end. I cannot tell you how many comments, letters, emails, messages etc. I had solely about the dress – where it was from, what the material was, how it was made etc. I know a groom is never going to say anything other than that his bride looks beautiful, but mine cried when he saw me at the top of the aisle which was the only time he cried the whole day (he is not a crier) and he has not stopped saying since that it was simply the most perfect dress! So thank you for not only making my dreams come true but exceeding them. Joyce, Simona and Mary are brilliant professionals and also lovely people who left me leaving a fitting happier than when I arrived every single time. I will send as many brides your way as I can.” – Alice

Alice and Tom’s stunning wedding photography by the very talented Claire Penn.

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