Casual Chic at the Country Living Christmas Show

long sleeve v neck casual day dress in Pebble

We have just returned from a very successful 4 days at the SEC Glasgow where we were showing our Casual Chic Collection of day dresses. Our stand was busy all the time and we got a great reaction from the lovely ladies who were shopping at the show.

Ladies of a certain age loved the idea that here is a collection designed especially with them in mind. All the styles cover arms and are loose around the midrift yet look super elegant and relaxed.

We are now going ahead to market the dresses in 5 sizes

size 1   8/10        Size 2 10/12/14          Size 3  12/14/16            Size  4 16/18/20           5. 20/22/24

Size will depend on style and as most ladies are not perfectly in proportion and most wear different sizes depending on the label.

You can read more about the collection


Day dresses from Joyce Young Design Studios
Joyce Young Design Studios showing the Casual Chic Collection at the Country Living Christmas Show Glasgow SEC


Long sleeve day dress with black inset


Long sleeve day dress with black inset


Long sleeve v neck dress in crepe



Hammer style relaxed day dress in a choice of 12 colours

Hammer skirt style with deep pockets


Handerchief hem tunic

Teal handkerchief hem tunic in crepe


Artist style tunic with straight leg trouser

                    Artist’s tunic in Maroon


Soft crepe short sleeve dress in 12 colours



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