Welcome back to our showrooms in London and Glasgow

glasgow showroom

Welcome .

We look forward to welcoming you for the first time or welcoming you back as you come for your first post lockdown appointment.

In our previous post we outline all the new proceedures in place for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Masks and hand sanitisers won’t make your visit any the less enjoyable as we help you find the dress of your dreams.

Prior to your appointment we will send you an e mail which will ask a little bit about your plans and ideas for your wedding, what your likes and dislikes may be and if you have any styles or colours in mind. We willalso ask your size and whether you have a budget that you don’t want to exceed.

We’re not just nosy peeps we want to find out as much as possible prior to your appointment so that we can prepare for your visit in advance and make sure the dresses that you try on are the most relevant. Currently we will have to put the dresses aside for 72 hours before they can be tried on again therfore it’s important that you try on the dresses or outfits that you love even before you put them on.

Please take a look at our previous post to read what the appointment will be like.

As both our showrooms have plenty of space the 2 meter distancing isn’t a problem so long as no one gets carried away with excitement and starts hugging everyone. Of course if you are from the same household that will be perfectly acceptable we can experience your joy from 2 meters away !




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